Bespoke Creations: Re-sizing Zombies and a Pony

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

I've recently had a few requests for a few of my designs for be created for different devices. Re-size requests are never as straightforward as they may sound but it's really nice to be able to see my designs in different sizes and proportions.

This first request is a Pinkie Pie iPhone case, based on my previous Kindle case design


Designing for iPhone is always challenging because of the size. I'm really happy that I've now got my own embroidery machine and have been using it quite a lot lately to incorporate embroidered features in my designs. One of the major advantages is getting all the tiny details that I definitely would not be able to get with felt cutouts. 

I had to simplify the hair curls and design on the back so that I could feature Pinkie Pie's balloon cutie mark adequately and not have it look too messy and cramped. 

I always have fun with My Little Pony customs. Though I'm not a massive fan of the series, I really like researching photos of the different characters. All the ponies have essentially the same template, but are so easily distinguishable by the use of their mane design and colours. It's an interesting and insightful study for me. :)

Another couple of recent requests were for Big Zombies! 13in MacBook-sized big to be exact and these are based off my Eyeballz and Brainz Zombie iPad cases. 

They come complete with big, super-sized band-aids of course! :)

Resizing these zombies were fairly straightforward compared to Pinkie Pie. I had to make sure the proportions worked well but manufacturing-wise, these zombies were easier to create than Pinkie Pie as there were no tiny fiddly bits to cut and sew. 

If you want any of my designs created in a different size to fit your device, just send me an email at 

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