Matchmaker Millie Stop Motion Trailer

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

Production on Matchmaker Millie, the iOS game that I've been working on with Games for Gummie, has been speeding along and we're quite close to a finished title. 

Last week, we took a bit of time out of game development and dedicated it to video development! We wanted a simple trailer that would showcase a bit of the game, the characters and the feel of the game. We decided to make a stop motion trailer with a short little story of how two of the game characters came to meet each other with the help of Matchmaker Millie!

We shot this trailer at my favourite park in Melbourne, Carlton Gardens. It was a beautiful day, thankfully, because shooting ended up taking almost 5 hours. It was mostly a lot of walking back and forth moving the characters a few inches at a time. We gathered quite an audience as well over the afternoon with people coming up and asking what we were doing or taking photos of our set up. 


It was hard work but heaps of fun as well and always great to do something new. I really enjoyed it heaps and so did Swell Stitch Monster!


Hope you enjoy our little trailer and stay tuned for Matchmaker Millie, coming soon to the App Store!

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