Bespoke Creations: Ninja Cow 13in MacBook Case

Posted on November 16, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

When I first heard of Ninja Cow, my thoughts were "wha...?" And then all kinds of fantastic mashup images of Naruto Vs Cow & Chicken came flying into my head. The imagery was quite awesome, to be honest. 

Ninja Cow is the brand and business name of a friend's small business. My friend has managed to bring together two of her greatest passions together to form a business: cows and char kuey teow. Well, actually there are no cows in her char kuey teow but her small business of selling char kuey teow is called Ninja Cow.

If you don't know what char kuey teow is, I'll explain later but first, on to this bespoke creation! She commissioned me to create a 13in MacBook Case for her based on her Ninja Cow logo:

It's a pretty detailed logo so the main challenge of this creation was design, and the questions that I had to answer to design this were:

1. How do I fit a MacBook Pro into it?

2. How do I retain as much of the Ninja Cow design elements but still have something that I could construct out of my materials?

3. How do I interpret it so it still retains its Ninja Cow identity but also have a Hooby Groovy stamp on it?

This was definitely a creation where the majority of the time was spent on design rather than construction. I tried to get in all the details I could but one thing I had to forgo was the wok. There was no way to incorporate the wok where it would look in proportion, but not over-bulk the shape of the case. Luckily, my friend was alright with that and approved of my more stylised and simplified design.

Overall, a very fun challenge and I'm really happy with how it turned out and even happier because its new owner is happy with it too! :)

Now, onto char kuey teow! Char kuey teow is one of the quintessential dishes in Malaysian cuisine, it's basically rice noodles wok-fried with bean sprouts, prawns, cockles, fish cakes, chinese sausage, chives, egg and probably some other stuff too depending on where you get it. It's spicy and awesome and one of my favourite foods ever. My very favourite char kuey teow in the world is at a street stall called "Ah Soon Char Kuey Teow", across my grandma's house in Penang, Malaysia. My love for it could be 50% flavour, 50% nostalgia but either way, it has been my favourite char kuey teow since I was a child and it still is to this very day. 

So while I don't claim to be a char kuey teow connoisseur by any means, it is definitely a dish that is close to my heart and so I was pretty excited when I heard that Ninja Cow would be setting up stall and selling char kuey teow, right here in Melbourne CBD. So if you're in Melbourne, head on down to Chinatown tomorrow night (16th Nov) between 4pm and 10.30 pm and look out for Ninja Cow in Heffernan Lane as part of the Chinatown Night Market. Let the wonderful smell of wok-fried chillies be your guide! :)

I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow night! 

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