Hooby Groovy Site Revamp and New Shop!

Posted on December 05, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

One of my major goals for my little Hooby Groovy brand since its birth has always been to have my very own online shop. And finally, after much umm-ing and ahh-ing and "I want, I want, I want!", I can finally say "I did"!

Of course I had to pick what is turning out to be the busiest time in the history of Hooby Groovy to decide to set up my own online shop, who needs R & R time anyway? ;p But thanks to my very awesome and supportive husband, who pretty much set up the entire shop for me, Hooby Groovy now has its very own online shop! :)

Along setting up the new shop, I've revamped the site and cleaned it up a fair bit. Again, by "I", I really mean "my husband". My old site was running off Squarespace which was awesome for what I needed it to be at the time. But as Squarespace did not have any e-commerce features, we decided to switch over to Shopify and its very robust and easy to use e-commerce tools. It taken a while to transfer everything across and set everything up and there's still a bit of fine-tuning to be done but the all new, revamped www.hoobygroovy.com is now online!

So, here's a quick run-down on www.hoobygroovy.com:

- All Hooby Groovy products can now be ordered directly from www.hoobygroovy.com and you can have the option to create a Shop Account or purchase as a Guest. Payments are completed via Paypal Express Checkout, you can use Paypal as a guest if you don't already have a Paypal account. 

- You can view the entire Hooby Groovy catalog or check out each Hooby Groovy Collection or browse through Product Types.

- You can choose what kind of shipping method you'd like me to use to send your order. For more details, check out the FAQ.

- Check out Bespoke Creations for a quick view at a selection of past Bespoke Requests that I've fulfilled. Send me an email at eeleng@hoobygroovy.com if you'd like me to create something for you too!

- Handy social media buttons for the Hooby Groovy Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

- You can now sign up to receive Hooby Groovy newsletters, sign up form is located at the bottom of the page below the social media buttons.

- And of course, the Hooby Groovy blog is still around for me to share updates, creations and deep philosophical musings with you.

Hooby Groovy products are also still available via Etsy, Young Republic and Down That Little Lane.

I'm really excited about the new shop! It's a dream come true and the whole process was a whole lot easier than I anticipated. And I've still got many ideas floating around about what else I'd like to do with the site so stay tuned!

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