Matchmaker Millie: Now Available on the App Store!

Posted on January 31, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments


Matchmaker Millie is now officially out on the App Store, grab your copy for iPhone or iPad now if you haven't already! :)

Since the launch, I've been enjoying the game and trying hard to get to number 1 on Game Centre, but alas, I'm only at number 3 or so. :'(  It's a simple game to pick up but it does get pretty challenging especially when you're trying to get a Gold ranking for each level!

We've also received a few great reviews for Matchmaker Millie from various websites. It's always a joy to hear what other players think about our game and the feeling increases a billion times over when we hear that they are enjoying the game!

The iPhone App Review gave us a 5-star rating with this summary: "Matchmaker Millie is a phenomenal new arcade game for the iPad and iPhone"

No Brainer App Reviews gave us this great comment: "The graphics are vibrant and cute and the gameplay is not only fun but also addictive." 

iPhone Gamer UK says:  "It’s a super simple concept, but it works beautifully."

In addition, we were also asked to do an interview for Gizmodo Australia's Developers Cubed (also republished on Lifehacker Australia) with a focus on our experiences as a married couple working together to develop Matchmaker Millie. 

It's been an exciting ride so far playing Matchmaker Millie, seeing how it's doing in the world and hearing what other people have to say about it! It's been a lot of hard word creating this but I'm really proud of our little game. I've learnt so much from creating Matchmaker Millie and am ready to jump back into creating another Games for Gummie title!

In fact, it hasn't just been all sitting back and relaxing, we're already hard at work on an update that will be coming very soon. It's going to include a new Timeless game mode! Number 1 High Score on Game Center, here I come!! :D To stay up to date on when that'll be out, follow us at the Games for Gummie Facebook Page

I hope you'll enjoy Matchmaker Millie, it would be greatly appreciated if you give us a positive rating and review on the App Store if you're enjoying the game! :) 

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