January in Pictures

Posted on February 08, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

Here's what my January 2013 was all about:

I got this awesome Tokidoki calendar from one of my best friends and made sure to put this up to kick start 2013.

Christmas 2012 was crazy busy and the work spilled over to the New Year too. It seemed like a good luck omen to be able to spend New Year's Day working on a bespoke Totoro case! :)

I did manage to take a short break though and we headed to Cape Patterson for a weekend of sun, boogie-boarding and lots of fish and chips!

Leading to a much needed return to training! 

And of course, lots and lots of work to do.

Until my poor over-worked sewing machine decided it needed a break and a much-needed service.

Luckily, the service was fast and then it was back to more work and a few bespoke cases.

We also released Matchmaker Millie, a really cute and fun game for iPhone and iPad (if I may say so myself ;p). 

It's so fun, even ninjas get distracted from their assassination duties because they're having too much fun playing Matchmaker Millie ;).

I tried my hand at gift-wrapping an order for a customer.

I got back into doodling.

I learnt how to make home made tofu! :D

And I started my resolution of reading more books! Though this is the shortest book in my list and I'm already lagging behind finishing. :'(

Probably because I spend all my reading time doodling instead. :p

Well, that was my January in Pictures. :) It's been a hot and busy month but it's been as good a start to the year as any! :D

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