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Posted on February 11, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

I mentioned before that I'd love to branch into prints and here's my first foray into it! I'd like to introduce you to my Cuddly Seasons series! There are 4 prints in this series:

Summer Panda

Autumn Red Panda

Winter Raccoon

Spring Bear

When illustrating these prints, I wanted to keep the design and look of the animals really minimal to stay in-line with my usual Hooby Groovy aesthetic. I wanted to ensure that they 'pop' in the scene so I decided on a different art style for the backgrounds, more muted colours, no harsh outlines and a bit like a water-colour painting. 

All prints are printed on 100% Cotton, 190gsm Hahnemuhle William Turner Matt FineArt textured paper. I did a whole lot of research and tests on various papers and I'm really loving the quality of this Hahnemuhle's William Turner paper! The colours are so vibrant and the fine details on the background appear just so...buttery! :) The texture is lovely, just the perfect amount of texture, not too rough and not too smooth. 

The prints are 5 inch x 7 inch, suitable for standard 5 x 7 in frames or mats. 

I'll be printing this to order and pencil-signing the right hand corner of each print so you can be sure that you're getting a Hooby Groovy original!

The prints are available separately, or can be ordered as a set

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