Bespoke Creations: Pikachu iPad Case

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I've never really gotten into Pokemon that much, the only Pokemon exposure I've had is playing Pokemon Emerald and while I enjoyed it, I never did get that far into the game. Nothing against the game, that just happens to be a very common trend between me and games *sob*.

[via Pokemon US]

I do like the character designs in Pokemon though and of course the most iconic Pokemon is Pikachu! I hardly even had to look up reference pictures to design a Pikachu iPad Case for a customer. The only concerns I had design-wise were his ears. He's mostly got his ears up but that would have made for a very bulky and unwieldy case with long ears that would just get caught on everything and get bent all other times. So fortunately, my customer agreed with my decision to keep his ears down. 

Design-wise, Pikachu was easy to sort out. The main challenge for me in this project was the material. The felts that I usually use did not come in a Pikachu yellow. I found other types of felt with the colour I needed, however they were either cheap but the quality was really, really horrible, or the ones that had the similar kind of good quality as the felts I use were crazy expensive. I didn't feel it would be fair to charge my customer so very much more just to cover material cost so I thought I would try dyeing my felt instead to get a Pokemon yellow.

I had to do a couple of trials to figure out how much dye and how long. It definitely took much longer and much more dye was needed than I anticipated, probably due to the nature of the felt being so thick.

Check out my ghetto style dyeing: paint tray and metal ruler for stirring :p. In retrospect, I should have done this outdoors, I'm pretty sure I've destroys quite a few brain cells from all the fumes! 

By some miracle, I did manage to get a consistent set of pieces so my Pikachu didn't have to end up with weird white spots or darker backside or anything of the sort. :)

The dyeing and drying process took quite a few days but finally I was able to get to work and here's the finished product:

I'm really happy how this Pikachu iPad Case turned out, the yellow ended up really lovely. :) And now I can add 'dyeing felt' to my list of lessons learnt!

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December 26, 2013!!!!


March 18, 2013

Wow! This looks amazing. It looks like it could be official! Fantastic job as always.

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