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March was HOT! And not in a good way. Endless days of sweltering heat and feeling like I might just melt in my non-air-conditioned workshop.


But there were some fun outdoor days too, like going fishing at Maribyrnong River. We didn't catch anything (not even sure if its a river that's suitable for fishing!) but there were pretty starfishes to look at in the shallower parts of the river. 


And we also got a last-minute summer picnic in on a terrifyingly hot 40 deg C day at Fitzroy Gardens. It was nice under the big, shady trees and it was a very lazy  picnic of just lying on the mats eating various yummy Asian snacks.

It wasn't all fishing and picnics though. March was a very raccoon-y month! 

Some of the raccoons got a trip to Sydney alongside various other Hooby Groovy cases to be sold at one of Monster Threads' stores.

I got my first ever video review from the fabulous polagram for this bespoke Kaonashi iPhone case that I created for her. 

I started a new book, one of the great classical Chinese novels, Journey to the West which is the story of the Monkey King or Monkey God. I'm slowly chipping away at it, I love all the Monkey King stories. :)

I decided to start a personal blog titled "Fighting Like a Butter Bee" to journal my life in martial arts and I created a Butter Bee avatar for my blog. I also started up a new Instagram account under the name @fightingbutterbee for the martial arts part of my life. 

March ended with Easter weekend. This year, we were conscious of maintaining our weight for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition (more news on that in next month's In Pictures post) and so it wasn't as chocolatey or hot cross bun-y as I would have liked. So I decided to overload on bunnies instead! :)

Next month, I shall try my best to get these In Pictures posts out as soon as the month ends, rather than half way through the next month lol!

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