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April has been beautiful! Autumn finally kicked in and Melbourne is never more beautiful than in autumn. The ground is littered with orange, yellow and red leaves and because we get some crazy wind here, there's often beautiful spirals of leaves floating around in the sky. And so, here's what my April was all about:

I competed in the Victorian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships. I lost my fight by an advantage point and took home the silver medal. You can read about my fight at my Fighting Like a Butter Bee martial arts blog. :) 

After weeks of making sure to maintain my weight for the competition, it was time for a feast once it was over! This was the pork platter at one of my favourite Melbourne restaurants, Cookie. 

April was quite a big month for bespoke creations and this one was a really cute and fun one. I'll post more photos of this bespoke My Melody case later. 

It was a busy month but I made sure to set aside some relaxing doodling time.

I also forayed into the world of T-shirt design, here's my first trial at designing a T-shirt print. This design showcases some very stylised forms of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu choke attacks. 

We spent a beautiful ANZAC Day by taking a nice long walk around the city and our walk took us to Fitzroy Gardens and the miniature Tudor Village in the center of the gardens. 

I always try to route my driving to lead me past parks and gardens to enjoy the beautiful trees during autumn. :)

My brother-in-law and his partner were dog-sitting for a friend and I couldn't resist a chance to make a new friend with this super adorable, super friendly and super big dog! Giant dogs are the best! :)

How was your month of April?

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