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May was wonderful, because it was holiday time! Winter started in Melbourne with a vengeance, so I wasn't at all sad to leave it behind for lovely sunny tropical Malaysia.

But before going on holiday, I had a few creations to complete, including a very fun Miffy MacBook case! Here's a sneak peek!

My holiday mascot, this is Ms Turtling (geddit? Turtle + Ee-Leng? :D Oh never mind... :p) Chosen for the laid-backness of turtles, turtles = beaches and oceans and I'm a very slow moving person. :)

I like to leave a drawing behind on the airplane. Unfortunately, on the flight back to Melbourne, I wasn't provided with a puke-bag to draw on. What if I got sick??

We hung out heaps with our niece and nephew and drank a whole lot of Bubble Tea.

I tried my hand a Chinese Brush Painting and of course chose a familiar subject. :) I don't think I was doing proper brush painting, more like water colouring with Chinese brush painting materials. 

We visited the nearby Siamese Buddhist temple on the eve of Wesak Day.

We visited a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy  to keep up with our training. More photos available at Fighting Butter Bee.

A huge part of the holiday was a family trip to Club Med in Cherating where we spent 4 days lazing around the beach resort.

Yeap, May was infinitely lovely. :) 

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