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Where did July disappear to?? I can't believe today's the last day of July already! It felt just like yesterday when I got back from my holiday in Malaysia but it's actually already been about a month and a half. Well, before I say bye-bye to July, here's my June in Pictures!

So June started off, well in the pool! We heralded in the month at Club Med and spent a few very lazy days lounging in the pool. Here's me chilling out with my sisters. 

It was really nice being with my family in Club Med. We made sure to squeeze in a nice, fancy dinner the night before our time at Club Med was up. 

We dropped by the Turtle Sanctuary on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. Turtles are just so awesome. I could watch them flapping their flippers through the water all day long, it was so calming to watch!

As I mentioned before, we also headed to Penang and spent a very, very hot day exploring Georgetown and its street art.

Alas, it was time to leave my family and hometownand get back to work! I jumped straight back into it and it's been non stop since!

I was definitely not pleased to return to Melbourne and discover how very, very cold winter had suddenly become! Am I just getting old and frail or has Melbourne been getting much colder in winter lately? And hotter in summer??

I got a new computer!! My old PC has been with me since 2005 so it was definitely time for an upgrade. I've been eyeing this 27in iMac for a long time now. It's so pretty! :)

I was commissioned to create a Domo-kun case! I love Domo-kun and was super excited to finally get a chance to work on him. 

Phew, made this blog post in time by the skin of my teeth, just in time before July finishes! See you all in August! :)

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New Product: Panda Samsung Galaxy S III / S4 Case

Bespoke Creations: Miffy MacBook Case

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