Bespoke Creation: Korilakkuma iPhone Case

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

I recently created a bespoke iPhone Case for one of my regular customers. She requested for a Korilakkuma iPhone Case and sent me a photo reference of Korilakkuma wearing a pink bunny suit. 

I admit I didn't really know who Korilakkuma when I first received this request. I knew Rilakkuma, the little brown bear character, but I'd never heard of Korilakkuma. I've since learnt that Korilakkuma is Rilakkuma's friend, they look the same but she is smaller and has white/cream fur and is a girl. 

Here's what I created:


I wanted to include something interesting and different on this case so I decided for her red button and strawberry that she was carrying, I would use buttons instead. The red button was easy to get but the strawberry took some hunting down! But I'm glad that I did because I think it looks a lot cuter than if I had just embroidered or cut it out of felt. 



 If you'd like me to create a bespoke creation for you, email me at and let me know what you have in mind! :)

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