Bespoke Creations: BMO 3DS XL Case

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Ee-Leng Chang | 2 Comments

The same customer that requested the Jake and Rainicorn A4 Compendium also asked for a BMO case for her Nintendo 3DS XL. The design for this was easy, BMO being the perfect shape for a case. :) The challenge to this particular creation was construction and assembly. 

First off, the 3DS XL is pretty, well 3D. I usually work with tablets which are pretty flat so a sleeve is suitable. However, the 3DS is quite thick, so a sleeve would not suffice. It would have looked really ugly and the material would bulge all over as it would need to accommodate for the added thickness. So I had to figure out a way to make a holder. But first, I needed a model to test that my holder would work. I've got a Nintendo DS but that's way, way smaller so I ended up building my own 3DS:

The inside holder part of the case was the next part I tackled. My customer also wanted a few pockets for game cartridges, so here's what I came up with:

After this was done, I started on the cover. I decided to embroider the entire cover on. The main reason for this was because I couldn't find any felt that was the colour of BMO and it would have taken a LOT of dye to get a colour that deep on felt. 

This was by far the most intense embroidery session for my machine! And it was still just recovering from Rainicorn :). 

Well here's the finished piece. I'm actually really, really pleased with the way it turned out. I think it has that Adventure Time cartoon drawing feeling to it. 


Hope you like my bespoke BMO case! And as always, if you would like me to create a bespoke creation for you, just email me at! :)

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Bespoke Creation: Rainicorn and Jake A4 Compendium

Posted on May 30, 2014 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

I was pretty excited when I received a request for an A4 compendium based on Adventure Time's Jake and Rainicorn. I love Adventure Time, it's so quirky and funny.

My customer had requested for a compendium to hold an A4 notebook, pockets for cards, another notebook, her phone and a pen holder. So the design for the inside part of the compendium wasn't too hard, it took a little of experimenting to put it all together but it was quite straightforward. The cover was where the challenge lay. The challenge of course being that Rainicorn is so very, very loooooong! 

I thought it would be cool to have Rainicorn wrapping around the back of the compendium and thus using her as the closure tab. My customer was happy with this suggestion and I went ahead with designing it. 

Then came the second challenge: Rainicorn was way too loooooong! I had at first envisioned that she would wrap around the back and end up with her feet in the front. But when I was trying to turn this into an embroidery file, I realised that she was way too long for my machine. So I had to make her shorter which actually worked out quite well because it kept the front of the compendium neater and more focus would be on Jake and Rainicorn's head, instead of having her feet randomly floating about. Even so, she still had to be embroidered in 2 pieces: her head and her body. 

I had at first envisioned the front cover to be a solid grey colour for the background but my customer requested for a green or blue background. I suggested maybe having hills and a sky and she was happy with that. I'm so happy that she requested for a non-grey background, because it definitely brightened up the design and made it feel very Adventure Time!

Anyway, here's the Rainicorn and Jake A4 Compendium:


Overall, this was probably one of my more complex creations but I'm happy with the way it turned out. I anticipated many things would go wrong but happily this was one of those magical times when everything just came together and there were no major mishaps. 

If you would like me to create a bespoke creation for you, email me at and let me know what you have in mind!


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Bespoke Creations: The Teeny-Tiny Panda iPod Nano Case

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

A recent request I received was to create my Panda case for an iPod Nano. The iPod Nano is tiny! And so my Panda would have to be tiny too. 

Panda iPod Nano Case by Hooby Groovy panda!

At first, I was sceptical that it could be done, but then curiousity got the better of me and I wanted to try it anyway. I'm glad that I accepted the challenge because I absolutely love the way it turned out. It's so adorable!

I had to embroider on its eyes and nose, there was no way I would be able to hand cut the felt pieces or sew them on. 

This has been by far, the teeniest case I've ever made. :) Hope you all like how it turned out!

If you'd like me to create a once-off bespoke item for you, just send me an email at and let me know what you have in mind. 


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Illustration: Don & Friends in Watercolour

Posted on December 29, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

A good friend of mine recently celebrated his birthday and I decided to make a drawing for him as a present. He's a massive Nintendo fan so I thought it'd be nice to draw a sort of family portrait of him, his wife and a few Nintendo characters. Here's how it turned out:

Bespoke Nintendo Illustration by Hooby Groovy

Paper: Canson 185gsm Watercolour Paper

Pen: Kuretake Zig Memory System Millenium .005mm Marker

Watercolours: Pentel Water Colors

I bought some watercolours a few years back but never really ended up playing around with them at that time. I suddenly remembered them a couple of weeks ago and decided on a spur of the moment that I was going to dig them up and explore the world of water colours. So its still a very new medium for me and I'm not too brave with it but I'm finding it a very fun medium in that its got a fair bit of unpredictability about it (probably 99% due to my noobness I'm sure). 

Here's a scan of the piece:

Bespoke Nintendo Illustration by Hooby Groovy

We always tease my friend about how all the cars he drives has lots of 8s in their number plates and we were just talking about cars recently so I thought it'd be fun to draw him in a car with the luckiest of lucky number plates: eight 8's. The number 8 is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture. :) My husband suggested to draw in tennis rackets because we knew that my friend and his wife played tennis a fair bit and I thought that would be a silly, funny thing to add, hence the tennis rackets. And the rest of it was just selecting which Nintendo characters to include and arranging them. I initially wanted Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser and Donkey Kong. But after a few draft sketches, I wasn't too happy with the arrangement of the characters and decided to axe Yoshi, Bowser and Donkey Kong in favour of smaller and /or flying characters. 

I got a simple, bright red frame for the drawing:

Bespoke Nintendo Illustration by Hooby Groovy

I had a lot of fun creating this and as with everything I create, there was a great deal of learning to be had from this experience. :)


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Bespoke Creations: Leonardo 15in MacBook Case and Michelangelo Wallpaper

Posted on December 16, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 6 Comments

The Ninja Turtles definitely had a big role to play in my life, introducing me to pizza, ninjas and the names of classical artists. :D I'm really loving the new Nickelodeon reboot of the series too, I actually do prefer it to the old series. I was sceptical when watching the first episode and I thought it looked much too different for me to like but by the end of it, I was hooked. My favourite character is Michelangelo, he's so funny. :D

Ninja Turtles Sketch by Hooby Groovy

A sketch that I drew for my Fighting Butter Bee martial arts blog

My husband is a devout Leonardo fan though, through the old series and this new one. When he got himself a new 15in MacBook, he immediately asked for a bespoke Leonardo case for his MacBook. He wanted something very minimalist and subtle so big full body case complete with shell and weapons and turtle limbs were out of the question. :p

I decided to go with a stealthy-inspired design, them being ninjas and all. I thought it would be cool to have a black case and just a very subtle highlight of Leonardo's face silhoutte, and of course emphasise his blue eye mask. I also made his eyes white as an homage to the new series when they're in 'fight' mode. 


Bespoke Leonardo 15in MacBook Case by Hooby Groovy


My husband requested Swell Stitch Monster on the back:

Bespoke 15in MacBook Case by Hooby Groovy

Here's a close up of Leonardo:


After creating the case, I decided to use the design to create a Mac desktop wallpaper for myself, but first changing it to Michelangelo:


Feel free to download a high res version for your personal use from my Dropbox. It's a 2560 x 1440 file, designed for the 27in iMac.  


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Bespoke Creation: Bart the Dog iPad Mini Folio Case

Posted on November 06, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 2 Comments

Over the past 3 years of Hooby Groovy and creating bespoke requests, I've worked on many designs based on many well-known characters and themes. Each presented their own set of design challenges in order to interpret familiar designs and give them a Hooby Groovy touch. However, one of my latest bespoke request presented a completely new challenge for me. For the first time in Hooby Groovy history, I was tasked to design a case based on my customer's beloved pet dog, Bart. 

Designing from an already stylised character like Pikachu or Winnie the Pooh is fairly straightforward. But designing from real-life creature was a whole new ball-game. I spent ages looking at pictures of Bart and trying to figuire out how to turn this very cute but very real 3D dog into a flat felt folio case. 

Well, after a lot of head scratching and sketches and back and forth with my customer, this is what I ended up with:

The main features I noticed straight away from photos of Bart was his eyebrows. They were cute and bushy but they were also upturned. It was quite a challenge balancing his upwards eyebrows with down turned, big, round eyes so that he looked friendly and happy, rather than fierce and angry. 



The case itself was a folio case, so that my customer could keep her iPad Mini in it at all times. I had created a folio case before but wasn't too sold on the design and the construction was really tough and the overall case turned out quite bulky. So this time around I opted for a much simpler style of holding the iPad in with elastics on the corner. To stabilise the case, the iPad Mini sits on a brown paper-like fabric which is quite thick and sturdy. Here's what it looks like with my own iPad Mini in it:




I also created a little print memento for my customer, I hope she liked it. :)


I was really happy with how the folio holder turned out, that I created one for myself too based on my Raccoon iPad Mini Case. On the inner folio section, I added a quick raccoon sketch:


If you'd like me to create a bespoke gadget case for you, just email me at and let me know what you have in mind! :)

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Bespoke Creation: Korilakkuma iPhone Case

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

I recently created a bespoke iPhone Case for one of my regular customers. She requested for a Korilakkuma iPhone Case and sent me a photo reference of Korilakkuma wearing a pink bunny suit. 

I admit I didn't really know who Korilakkuma when I first received this request. I knew Rilakkuma, the little brown bear character, but I'd never heard of Korilakkuma. I've since learnt that Korilakkuma is Rilakkuma's friend, they look the same but she is smaller and has white/cream fur and is a girl. 

Here's what I created:


I wanted to include something interesting and different on this case so I decided for her red button and strawberry that she was carrying, I would use buttons instead. The red button was easy to get but the strawberry took some hunting down! But I'm glad that I did because I think it looks a lot cuter than if I had just embroidered or cut it out of felt. 



 If you'd like me to create a bespoke creation for you, email me at and let me know what you have in mind! :)

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