Illustrations: A Thank You Sketch for the Housekeeping Staff at Park Hyatt Melbourne

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My husband celebrated his birthday this past weekend. For his birthday, I booked us a night at the Park Hyatt Melbourne so we could have a lovely relaxing day away from home and in wonderful cosy luxury. I even booked us a table at the Radii Restaurant at the hotel so that we could be super lazy and not bother leaving the hotel. 

Every time I stay at a hotel, I like to do a quick drawing on the hotel stationary on the morning of check out and leave it for the house-keeping staff. I like to think that it might brighten up the day for the house-keeping staff cleaning up our room after we leave. Though they're probably too busy to notice and just chuck it into the bin straight away. :)

Here's the sketch I did this time around for the house-keeping staff at the Park Hyatt Melbourne:

Sketch by Hooby Groovy


My thought for this drawing was me and hubby setting off on adventures, preferably ones filled with funny, cute animals. :) Unfortunately because I'm such a non-morning person, I had to rush a fair bit through this one. I would've liked to have inked it up better and add way more funny creatures. Stupid comfy hotel bed with their billions of pillows, making it hard for me to wake up! :p

Anyway, that's my little hotel ritual. :) Do you have any rituals that you do when staying at a hotel or anywhere away from home?



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Daily Sketch: Toast - 13 July 2012

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"There's nothing healthy about a tan" tagline by the Cancer Institute of NSW. I'm a fan of being proud of the complexion that you're born with and I think there's nothing more beautiful than people rocking their natural skin tone. 

And on a lighter note, how awesome is toast in winter? :) I <3 toast!

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Daily Sketch: Common Interests - 6 June 2012

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My cardio of choice is skipping and while doing said skipping, it got me thinking about which demographics seem to be most known to do skipping: little girls and big tough boxers! :D I can't think of any other demographics that are more different than that!

That realisation amused me a fair bit and so that's what influenced my sketch for today:

Going back to skipping, if you're looking for a good cardio workout, I can't recommend skipping enough! It's a good workout, all you need is a skipping rope and a bit of space. Best thing for me is that I can do it indoors, which is super useful now that Melbourne has decided to give us a very wet and cold winter. In your face, Running! :p

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Daily Sketch: My Mum Has Mad Skills - 13 May 2012

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Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! I wanted to draw something mother-related and my first idea was ducks after seeing a row of rubber ducks on the side of the bathtub. But then, I thought that I really don't know what duck mums are like and I wanted today's sketch to be more personal. 

So I thought about all my childhood memories with my mum and thought I'd draw some poignant memory picture. There was a time, for a few years where both my elder sisters were studying overseas and I was the only child left in the house so I had to take on many new household chores. One was following my mum to the market and helping with carrying groceries. So every couple of times a week, she would pick me up from school and we'd head to the market. I hated those days with a vengeance!!!

If you've never been to an asian wet market, it is wet and smelly and slippery and dirty. And through my childhood of following my mum to the markets, I actually had many nightmares about slipping and falling onto the wet floors of the market. So everytime I'm there, I walk really, really carefully. I watch the ground like a hawk, pick a safe spot to put my foot and then make sure I'm fully stable on that foot before lifting my other foot. Very, very slow work as you'd expect. Almost snail like during the times when my school shoes were worn out and naturally slippery on their own. 

My mum however, she'd just power through, weaving through the crowds, dodging the splashes of water from the fishmongers, and all this in flip flops. If you liken the wet and slippery fishmonger aisle to a highway with fast flowing traffic, my mum is the punk teenage driver that just got himself a driver's licence and a car with a turbocharger. I however, would be the little old lady in the vintage piece of junk driving at 15km/hr while hogging 2 lanes. 

When I was young, I thought her awesome market manouvering skills were due to age. But now that I'm much older, I'm pretty sure its something that kicks in from all that childbirthing hormones. I certainly still harbour that extreme market floor fear but if I ever become a mother, maybe the love for my children and the need to feed them good nutritious food will transform me into the Road Runner of asian markets. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mummy! I love you very much but I still hate going to the market with you. :p


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Daily Sketch: Courage - 8 May 2012

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Have you ever noticed when there's a little tiny handbag dog and a big massive guard dog near each other, its always the little dog that starts barking and wanting to face up to the big dog? It may be a stupid move but good on the little dog for having the balls to try anyway!


I thought I'd give today's daily sketch a different treatment so instead of a photo of a sketch, today you get a scan of a sketch and some photoshop font action too! :)

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Daily Sketch: Regret - 1 May 2012

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If I was a farmer, I'd want Shuriken Chicken on my side! Today's sketch is all about learning to pick your battles. Foxes are nature's sneakiest, wiliest creatures, but against a Ninja-trained chicken? Should have given it more thought, Mr Fox!



In other news, it occurs to me that despite calling these sketches Daily Sketch, I haven't been very daily about it. I really should change the name to Sometimes Sketch ;). 


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Daily Sketch: Laundry - 18 Apr 2012

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I thought I'd continue with the vampire theme as for some weird reason I was wondering about how vampires do basic daytime chores. Like going to the bank or the post office. Or trying to accomplish anything at any government insitution. Or hanging up their laundry if they don't have a dryer. 


While I like the thought and idea behind this sketch and had a very vivid picture of it in my brain, I'm not happy with my execution. :( I think its all that shadowing that I'm really bad at doing. And I couldn't think of any other way to depict bright sunlight except with sunflowers haha! So, definitely not one of my favourite sketches. 

Also, it occured to me that a vampire can't ever just go out and get McDonald's breakfast on a whim! Eternal life and all that suddenly doesn't sound like such a good trade off for the simple little pleasures in life...

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