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Just wanted to share a few sketchbook doodles from the past few months:




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Illustration: Elsa from Frozen

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I told my oldest sister that I wanted to make a picture and asked her what I should draw and she replied with "Olaf, Elsa and Anna". My nieces are Frozen crazy at the moment. :) I have a video of a niece singing Let It Go, not one word was wrong and best of all, she even had all the props and actions down pat. Like a glove to take off at the right time in the song, and a sarong wrapped around her as a cloak, also to be released at the right time. 

Anyway, I thought it would be a good subject to practice my Illustrator skills so I created Elsa in Illustrator. Specifically I was learning up how to use gradients to colour up a character, especially to get shadows and makeup right for faces. After finishing Elsa, I wanted to take a break from Illustrator so I decided to paint a background for her in Photoshop. I found a picture reference of the mountain that her castle was on and decided to use it to practice my Photoshop painting skills. The background was quite a speedy job as I wanted to finish this up quickly. 

Here's my picture:

I learnt a lot doing this piece, specifically about faces and shapes of facial features. It was fun to work on, though ended up feeling quite sombre and solemn. And cold but that's what I was going for. ;)

I desaturated Elsa down a fair bit in the final piece so she would fit into the cold blue background more but here's how she was originally:

Hope you like my Elsa piece and have a wonderful Friday! :)

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Illustration: Tales of Snakes by The Grimm Brothers

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I love flipping through my book of fairytales by The Grimm Brothers and randomly picking a story or two to read. And whilst I do like the more traditional Grimm stories like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I absolutely love their short stories that leave me thinking "What the..." 
Here's one that I decided to draw into a little comic strip, it was one of the little stories that came under the title Tales of Snakes.
Who needs princes and glass slippers when you can have a materialistic, suicidal snake? :D I'd like to watch the Disney take on this one please!

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The Fine Line Between

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Just wanted to share my latest artwork on my Hooby Groovy Red Bubble shop:

This piece is available at Red Bubble as cards, prints, posters and pillows. 


Hope you like this piece! :)

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Creation of The Oblivious Girl

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Last week I shared a piece of artwork that I created for my friend's zine. Today, I wanted to share a bit about the process that I went through creating it. 

When I received the brief, which was "cartoon girl walking obliviously through a landscape with towering figures looming menacingly" I had a few ideas pop up in my head right away. I thought it would be cool if the background was either a cityscape or tree lined, with the buildings/trees drawn as silhouettes but looking like you could mistake them to be scary figures. I also had a few different composition ideas of how to arrange the scene. But in the end, due to time constraints and because I figured that the final print would be quite small, I decided simple and to the point was best. 

The first step was taking out my sketchbook and pencil and coming up with a very quick and rough sketch:



Then it was time to decide what the baddies would look like. I wanted each to have a very distinct look, size and feel, basically cover all manner of stereotype baddies:


At this point in time, I actually had no clear idea on how I wanted to finish the piece, it was a choice between doing a digital painting or a vector illustration. I decided to fire up Photoshop first and get started on making a digital draft. Again I started with a very quick and dirty draft blending the composition from my first sketch above and the character designs in my second lot of sketches:


After this, I decided that I would create this piece as a vector illustration. The main reason for my decision was purely down to knowing that I work a lot faster in vector and I definitely needed to be able to work fast on this (and the second piece). So I popped this Photoshop draft into Illustrator and started fleshing out each of the characters. 


I did this for each of the characters, changing up the sizes and proportions on the fly as needed. Here's the line up just for fun:


After that, it was just a matter of adding a background, shadows, my Fighting Butter Bee watermark and voila, the image was done:

Oblivious Girl by Hooby Groovy


Hope you enjoyed this blog post about my workflow! :)

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Artwork for a Martial Arts Zine

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

A friend recently asked me for a few pieces of artworks for a zine that she was creating. We used to train Wing Chun Kung Fu together until she moved to Canberra, and now she trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there (I also train Jiu Jitsu here in Melbourne). Her zine was about martial arts and this was the piece that she wanted to use:

I created this piece for one of my blog posts in the Fighting Butter Bee blog and also have it available as a T-shirt design on my Red Bubble store. My friend also asked if I have 2 artworks that depicted a girl walking about oblivious to the presence of towering baddies around her and a girl performing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission on a massive guy. I looked through my drawings but couldn't find any that would suit so I offered to create the pieces for her instead. Here's what I came up with:

Oblivious Girl

Omoplata Girl

Both were created using Illustrator. There were heaps of fun to make and I was really excited to receive a copy of my friend's zine in the mail a couple of days ago with my drawings in them. :)

To be honest, I didn't even know what a zine was before this! They look like heaps of fun to make. Sure makes me feel like making one too. :)

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Illustration: Tennis

Posted on January 23, 2014 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

For the past couple of weeks, I've been glued to my couch on most nights watching some pretty tense tennis dramas unfold on my TV. Australia Open is here in Melbourne and it's the only time of the year that I actively watch tennis. So naturally, I wanted to work on drawing something tennis related. 

I wanted a subject to practice my Photoshop drawing and painting so since I'm having tennis fever right now, what better subject than a tennis player? Here's my work:

Tennis by Hooby Groovy

I've been chipping away slowly at this drawing for the past week. I've learnt a lot from this piece, especially patience and the ability to delete and start afresh. That left hand has taken me about 3 days and many, many restarts. 

Of course, there's a whole heap more work left that I can keep doing on this, but I think I've reached a point where I'm happy to call it a good study and exercise and I know what I need to work on and keep practicing. :)

So, have you been watching the tennis too? I'm really looking forward to some epic-ness in the Men's semi finals this Friday between Nadal and Federer. :)

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