New Product: The Hooby Groovy Kitten Carrier

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After months of research, prototyping, tweaking and testing, I'm extremely excited to finally be ready to introduce Hooby Groovy's latest design: The Hooby Groovy Kitten Carrier! I'd like to give a little back story and context to the history of this design. It all started with rescuing 2 little kittens who eventually came to be known as Rongkus Sumcrust and Sergio Rasputin. We were sharing the foster care of both kittens across 2 households and we knew that eventually when they were old enough, they would be separated and we would keep one while the other would be with my brother-in-law and his fiancee. Rongkus now lives with us and visits his brother Sergio all the time. My brother-in-law lives close to my workshop so we've been able to have play-dates almost daily and the kittens love playing together. 

Rongkus and Sergio 3 days after rescue. They've really grown since then!

When they were wee little kittens, a big cardboard box was sufficient for car rides but they very quickly outgrew those and I was wary of driving by myself with kittens jumping around in the car. I started researching carriers and kitten behaviours when it came to car rides and carriers. One advice that was mentioned a lot was to leave the carrier out for a couple of days before a road trip so the kitten could familiarise itself with the carrier so it wouldn't be such a scary shock to be locked up in the carrier while dealing with a moving car. I looked around for carriers and could not find any that I would feel happy leaving out in our home every single day. They all looked, well like mean, evil cages! 

That became my main motivation for creating a kitten carrier for Rongkus and Sergio. I wanted to have it comfy and cosy so that a kitten would actually want to be in it and probably use it as their regular bed or house. Meaning that when it came to travel time, they would be essentially travelling in their comfy bed and feel safe, familiar and secure. Which meant that I wanted the carrier to look pretty enough to blend into the home decor and not be an eyesore. And of course it had to function well as a kitten carrier. 

I went through about 5 iterations of this design before finally getting all the details right. As it needed to house a kitten who might be upset, hyperactive or a damn good escape artist, there were many tweaks that had to be done. I saw that our kittens liked caves and boxes and cosy hidey holes. So the carrier had to be cosy and a little cave-like so they could feel like they would hide inside. At the same time, they were curious about everything and did not like to be fully shut up. So from the start, my design incorporated the small cat-shaped windows. As I began to learn just how good kittens are at getting through holes, the sizes of these windows got smaller until I realised that there might as well not be windows at all because they could get through ANYTHING! So the bigger windows made a comeback and I utilised fly screen to keep them in while still giving them a view of the outside world. 

Fly-screen windows to keep a curious kitty satisfied but secure. Personalised name tag so kitty can proudly lay claim to its comfy carrier. 

My first iteration had a cardboard reinforcement for the walls. Even with our tiny, tiny kittens at that time, as soon as they got the courage to try jumping on the carrier, it was all over for the carrier! So I upgraded to a proper wooden frame. And so it was with each new iteration, the carrier would be tested with Rongkus or Sergio and little refinements and improvements tweaked to make the design better for the kitten, the owner and also for me to construct. Construction methods had to be figured out as each little change was made and as it was new territory for me, it was all trial and error. I have learnt so much about carpentry and I learnt even more than ever about the felt that I already work extensively with. 

The door flap is held close with a magnet closure tab. Straps are made of felt and heavy duty belting. 
The carrier can be dismantled to be flat-packed to save on space during shipping and storage. When setting up, all it takes is to clip each the 3 pieces together with snap fasteners. 


I'm really happy to report that Rongkus and Sergio both love their Hooby Groovy Kitten Carriers. Car rides are a breeze, Rongkus feels comfy and safe and usually takes a peaceful nap in his carrier, even when I have the flap door open. And best of all, he even loves using it as one of his many beds while at home. 


The Hooby Groovy Kitten Carrier is now available online at and Hooby Groovy's Etsy Shop, don't forget to let me know what your kitten's name is so I can embroider its name onto the personalised tag. 

Hope you like my Hooby Groovy Kitten Carrier design, let me know what you think in the comments below! And as always, have a lovely day! :)

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New Product: Little Ninja Notebook

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I'd like to introduce you to Little Ninja, one of the characters in The Frenemies Collection. Little Ninja is highly trained in the art of stealth and uses his deadly ninja skills to his advantage against his Frenemy rivals! Little Ninja is quite the night owl, preferring to sleep in during the day but it's still difficult to spot him at night when he's in stealth mode!

Little Ninja Notebook by Hooby Groovy

 Little Ninja's first appearance is on this handmade and hand-bound notebook, now available on

- Cover image is printed on 160gsm Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper giving it a lovely natural texture
- Notebook contains 32 blank white pages, perfect for daily journals or daily sketches.
- Hand-bound with pretty striped twine
- Measures: 10.5cm x 14.7cm or 4 1/8in x 5 3/4in

Little Ninja Notebook by Hooby Groovy


Little Ninja Notebook by Hooby Groovy

The Little Ninja Notebook is also available as part of the Frenemies Notebook Collection.

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New Products: The Frenemies Notebook Collection

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

Hooby Groovy is pleased to announce the arrival of a new collection. Please give a warm welcome to The Frenemies, featuring Little Robot, Little Ninja, Little Zombie and Little Pirate. These four Frenemies are deceptively cute but they're extremely fierce in their rivalry against each other. 

The Frenemies Collection begins with a set of handmade and hand bound notebooks. 

The Frenemies Notebook Collection


Each features 32 blank white pages, perfect for daily journaling or sketches. I use mine for sketches and doodles!

Cover illustrations were designed by myself and are printed on 160gsm Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper and I hand-make and hand bind each notebook. 


The Frenemies Notebook Collection Set is now available for purchase at so check it out!

Each notebook is also available on its own, here they are in detail:


The Little Ninja Notebook

The Little Ninja Notebook


The Little Robot Notebook

The Little Robot Notebook


The Little Pirate Notebook

The Little Pirate Notebook


The Little Zombie Notebook

The Little Zombie Notebook


Hope you like my little Frenemies! :)

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Hooby Groovy Designs: Now Available for the iPad Air

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

Apple has just launched its new iPad Air, and I'm pleased to announce that all Hooby Groovy products are now available for the iPad Air too!

All you have to do to ensure that your handmade Hooby Groovy case will fit your iPad Air is to select your device in the Device drop down box when you place an order:


All Hooby Groovy iPad cases will be available in iPad Air sizes, and you can have a look at the full iPad range right here.

Besides the iPad Air, Apple has also just released a new iPad Mini with Retina Display, these are still the same size as the 1st generation iPad Minis so you can still purchase current Hooby Groovy iPad Mini cases for it!



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New Product: Panda Samsung Galaxy S III / S4 Case

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

There's a new baby Panda in town! This one likes cuddling Samsung Galaxy smart phones. 


This new Panda Galaxy case is designed for the Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4, and other similar sized devices.


It's got a handy back pocket for your cards, closure tab secured by hook and loops tape to keep your Galaxy safe within it.


And of course, cuddly arms that open up to hug your headphones/charging cables when not in use.


The Panda Samsung Galaxy S III and S4 case is now available in the Hooby Groovy shop at $39.95. Get your Galaxy some panda cuddles right now!

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New Products: Cuddly Seasons Art Prints

Posted on February 11, 2013 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

I mentioned before that I'd love to branch into prints and here's my first foray into it! I'd like to introduce you to my Cuddly Seasons series! There are 4 prints in this series:

Summer Panda

Autumn Red Panda

Winter Raccoon

Spring Bear

When illustrating these prints, I wanted to keep the design and look of the animals really minimal to stay in-line with my usual Hooby Groovy aesthetic. I wanted to ensure that they 'pop' in the scene so I decided on a different art style for the backgrounds, more muted colours, no harsh outlines and a bit like a water-colour painting. 

All prints are printed on 100% Cotton, 190gsm Hahnemuhle William Turner Matt FineArt textured paper. I did a whole lot of research and tests on various papers and I'm really loving the quality of this Hahnemuhle's William Turner paper! The colours are so vibrant and the fine details on the background appear just so...buttery! :) The texture is lovely, just the perfect amount of texture, not too rough and not too smooth. 

The prints are 5 inch x 7 inch, suitable for standard 5 x 7 in frames or mats. 

I'll be printing this to order and pencil-signing the right hand corner of each print so you can be sure that you're getting a Hooby Groovy original!

The prints are available separately, or can be ordered as a set

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New Product: Raccoon iPad Mini Case

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

There's a new Raccoon in town! Say hello to the newest inhabitant of Hooby Groovy Land, the Raccoon iPad Mini Case:

Hiding behing his burglar mask, this mini Raccoon is still just as sneaky and sly as his bigger sibling, and just as protective over your iPad Mini!

And of course, he's always ready to give you a mini hug:

Did I forget to mention his fabulously bushy and stripey tail? 

Now available for purchase at the Hooby Groovy Shop! 

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