Hi! My name is Ee-Leng Chang and Hooby Groovy is the name of my brand. Based in Melbourne, Australia and founded in August 2010, Hooby Groovy has now grown to include three fun and cute collections of gadget cases, designed and hand-made by me. Drawing upon pop culture, video games and all things cute, the Hooby Groovy aesthetic is fun, minimalist and cute. Recently Hooby Groovy has also started to expand into illustrations.

I started Hooby Groovy as a creative outlet for myself. I love coming up with ideas, and trying to figure out how to turn those ideas into something real. I take inspiration from all the things that I'm interested in, for example video games, books, art, music, fashion, sports. And nature, and architecture, and...you get the picture. ;)

My brand's name Hooby Groovy was inspired by The Hoobs, one of my favourite children's show (though I only knew of it when I was post-children age...). The Hoobs were aliens on a quest to learn as much as they could about Earth. One of their phrases Hooby Galooby, a Wow! in Hoob talk, stuck with me since I first heard it and the philosophy of The Hoobs really spoke out to me when naming my brand. I started Hooby Groovy not knowing anything about, well anything and so it's been a real learning adventure for me. Everything about running Hooby Groovy has been so new and amazing and I've really loved the chance to learn more and more. 

And that's really the philosophy behind Hooby Groovy. To look around and recognise new and amazing things out there and to keep on learning. To believe that fun and interest and good design can be injected into everything. To always approach everything thinking "What if I tried it like this, wow, that just might work!" And if it doesn't, it's a lesson learnt and an opportunity to try a new approach. 

All Hooby Groovy products are handmade and I always ensure the best quality materials and workmanship goes into each product. I take a great deal of pride in what I do so I always make sure that I never send out anything that I personally would not use. 

I also welcome any custom requests so feel free to contact me if you have an idea or a variation of a product that you would like custom made for you. You can check out the Bespoke Creations page to see my previous works.